This page details a rough summary of the known events in the history of Lothelia up to current day. However it should also be noted that most historic documentation of the days before the primordial age were lost thanks to the calamities that built up to and created the age.

Note. The timeline uses the terms bpa and apa which stands for 'years before the primordial age' and 'years after the primordial age' respectively.


Year ? – The Divine Age. God's are the only thing to exist they create the many planes of the cosmos and create Lothelia.

Year ? – 10,000bpa — Age of Orcs begins. With the creation of Lothelia came many races. The most major of these being Humans, Elves, Gnomes and Orcs. At this point, tribes of Orcs roam the lands and for the most part dominate the other races due to their size and toughness.

Year 10,000bpa – 8,000bpa — Age of Man begins. The Humans begin forming their own tribes to counter the Orcs. These tribes begin to outnumber the orc tribes and Humans advances in armour and weaponry allow them to drive down the Orcs properly as the first human kingdoms appear and territories start to become claimed on a more global scale for the first time. Elves and Gnomes go from Orc suppression to Human Suppresion and the Orcs are enslaved by the Humans.

Year 8,000bpa – 7,000bpa — The rise of the Red Dawn Empire, the largest ever empire created by the Humans that spans three quarters of Lothelia. The Elves and Gnomes have begun creating their own larger settlements, hidden away. The Elves tree top cities hidden amongst dense woods while the Gnomes begin to move underground for their cities.

Year 7,000bpa – 6,000bpa — The Orc slaves rise up and challenge their slavers, The Red Dawn Empire. But they are beaten down and pushed dangerously close to extinction. Defeated and with the Red Dawn Empire abolishing slavery for its danger, the Orcs flee and also find their way underground.

Year 6,000bpa – 5,500bpa — The Red Dawn Empire becomes heavily religious and worshipping the divine creator gods becomes compulsory. They create the Human Capital City of Astir, the largest city ever created.

Year 5,500bpa – 4,000bpa — The Divine Creators awake and begin to interfere with the world of Lothelia and its creatures. Gods begin to challenge each other and wars ensue with thousands of human followers on different sides. These wars split the Red Dawn Empire into pieces, each one devoted to their own creator, leaving The Grand Capital, Astir to be the last bastion of the Red Dawn Empire, Never picking one creator over another.

Year 4,000bpa – 3,500bpa — Age of Abbadon. The Divine wars continue until a rift tears open in the Lothelia plane to the realms of Hell. Daemons pour out along with the Daemon King and God of Hell Abbadon. Abbadon and his daemons slaughter any that fight and sensitive the rest. Abbadon defeats the other Creators and banishes them from Lothelia so that he can reign as King of Lothelia as well as Hell. It is mostly the Humans who are effected as the Elves, Gnomes and Orcs are still in hidden cities. With their last efforts in Lothelia, the creators bless Astir with a divine protection.

Year 3,500bpa – 2000bpa — Abbadon has complete rule over most of Lothelia. Most humans are now slaves to the daemons except those that made it to Astir which, with its incredible defences and protection from the Creators, stands as the last free Human City, away from the daemons. Due to daemon and human slaves mating, a new race is brought into existence now known as Teiflings

Year 2,000bpa – 1,000bpa — The Divine creators manage to break their curse and return to Lothelia with the help of the Humans of Astir. Abbadon, discovering this, lays siege to the great city to kill the Creators. However the Humans and Creators work together to create a spell of inconceivable power that summons a tidel wave of holy water. This wave forces all the daemons out of Lothelia or kills them and greatly weakens Abbadon while flooding most of Lothelias low lands permanently. Weakened, Abbadon flees back to Hell but with the last of his power, releases his wife, Tiamat, Queen of the Chromatic Dragons, into Lothelia. The Creators, weakened from their own spell fall back to their own planes however sensing Tiamats presence in Lothelia they send Their guardian, Bahamut, platinum dragon and King of the Metallic Dragons, down to help. 

Year 1,000bpa- 900bpa — Tiamat and Bahamut engage in an epic combat. One that lasts weeks with their equal power and skill. However eventually Bahamut manages to slay Tiamat, though mortally wounded himself. As they both die each splits into five dragons, now known as the Primordials. Bahamut creating the five metallic primordials and Tiamat creating the five chromatic primordials. From each of these primordials would also come dragons of many different ages. Finally Both Bahamut's and Tiamat's death also create two races. The dragonborne and the Kobolds respectively. During this, thanks to the reshapping of Lothelia, Deep passages were opened to the Underworld, a place previously unknown to have existed, though it turns out this is where the Gnome and Orc Cities were. From these passages rose up the Dwarves and some now mutated and evolved tribes of Orcs called Goblins and Hobgoblins.

Year 900bpa – 500bpa — Age of Primordials begin as the demi-god like beings fight one another, Metallics versus Chromatics. Their dragon children and respective dragon forged race (Dragonborne and Kobold) Fighting along side them. Races begin to rebuild, founding new towns and villages while creating peace with other races. The elves and Gnomes come out from their hidden cities and reveal themselves to the other races. While the Dwarves and Teiflings also settle places. Teiflings however, are the one race hated by other races, but still tolerated by the Elves.

Year 500bpa – 1bpa — The War of Dragons begins to end as casualties causes races to drop out. First the Kobolds who retreat to make a new life in caves, shortly followed by the dragonborne who also begin to found their own cities and aim for peace. After this even the dragons begin to drop out and before long, it is left to just the 10 primordials. 

Year 0bpa — The primordials, powers spent, exhausted and wounded each retreat and fly their seperate ways. They are never seen again and the War of Dragons ends. This also marks the end of the Age of Primordials.

Year 0bpa – 50apa — Halflings appear from what were tribes of Humans that Adapted from hiding from the Daemons. All the races begin to make more settlements and expand in peace.

Year 50apa – 100apa — The first major cities since before the Great Flood start to form. The Human City of Argonel. The Dwarf City of Baladhor. And the Elf city of Lindonel (This city is not new however but has just recently announced its location to other races.). Finally, thanks to the peace and prosperity the first of the Half-Elves is born.

Year 100apa – 200apa — More cities appear across the islands of Lothelia. The Gnome city of Galvalorn and the Dwarf city of Delvhar. Despite the peace however, tensions begin to rise between the Dragonborne and the Teiflings because of their different origins.

Year 227apa — The Dragonborne declare War on the Teiflings. Humans rally to aid the Dragonborne on what they see as a divine crusade against daemon offspring, while Elves, sympathetic in the fact that the Teiflings cant chose their origin, rally their side. This is the begining of a Lothelia wide war.

Year 241apa — Many casualties have been lost to the War of Ancestry and now the Dwarves have decided that enough damage has been done. Using their majority numbers across Lothelia and their stubborness they force negotiations between the sides and a peace treaty is made. However, Teifling population is low thanks to the war.

Year 241apa – 300apa —Races spend time to repair, rebuild and make amends after the war. Humans and Elves begin to regain their lost friendship while the Human and dragonborne bond grows tighter. However there is still and always will be friction between Dragonborne and Teiflings.

Year 300apa – 400apa — Peace settles in Lothelia again as races begin to work together more. The Gnome city of Galvalorn because a central trade hub to every race. The Dwarves and their City of Baladhor becomes a beacon of diplomacy and peace as a Council is created there, formed of representatives of every major race, called The Council of Prosperity. The Human City of Argonel becomes the biggest harbor in Lothelia and home to many sailors of many races.

Year 472apa — A plague errupts from the Sunken Forest Swamp and rapidly begins to spread across all of Lothelia, though no one knows at this time where it came from or how it happened.

Year 472apa - 500apa — The plague ravages the world and takes thousands of casualties. No one seems to know how to cure it but each member of the Council of Prosperity has people working on a cure.

Year 520apa — Thousands more casualties have fallen to the now named Bloodburst Plague, named for its ability to create boils all over the victims body that burst and never clot, causing death by loss of blood. However, In this year a dwarf named Gelard miraculously creates the cure for the disease and it is quickly distributed throughout Lothelia.

Year 530apa — The dwarves contribution to the whole pandemic has brought them even more popularity across Lothelia. After many years of discussion the Council is changed and now holds up law for all races and is mostly controlled by the Dwarven king. 

Year 657apa — Peace has sustained itself under the new ruling of the Council of Prosperity and its Dwarven ruler. The plague has been eliminated and people have rebuilt their towns and cities after the devastation it cause. All leading up to the present year of 657apa.


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