Lothelia has many gods, each on their own different power levels. These levels in order are:

  • Greater Gods/Dieties
  • Lesser Gods/Dieties
  • Demi-Gods

Below shows a list of all the known gods of Lothelia. Only the greater gods are worshipped throughout Lothelia and the lesser gods are each tide to a greater god who supplies their powers. Demi-gods are even weaker then lesser gods but are not bound to a greater god.

Greater gods

Silvanus - Goddess of Nature and agriculture (Neutral Good)
Tyr – God of Justice and peace (Lawful Good)
Mystra – Goddess of Magic and Alchemy (Chaotic Neutral)
Lathander – God of life and love (Lawful Good)
Tempus – God of war, adventure and crafts (Lawful neutral)
Kelemvor – God of the dead and judge of the damned (Lawful Neutral)
Abbadon - God of Chaos, Destruction and Evil (Chaotic Evil)
Lolth – God of Darkness, Shadow, Lies and deceit (Neutral Evil)

Lesser gods

Akadi - Goddess of Air, bound to Mystra (Neutral)
Grumbar – God of Earth, bound to Tempus (Neutral)
Istishia – God of Water, bound to Lathander (Neutral)
Kossuth – God of fire, bound to Abbadon (Neutral)
Arcanith - Goddess of the Arcane, bound to Mystra (Neutral)
Selune – Goddess of the moon (Selu), stars, bound to Kelemvor (Lawful Neutral)
Malune - God of the second moon (Malu), and night, bound to Kelemvor (Chaotic Neutral)
At'ar - God of sun and day, bound to Tyr (Neutral)


Bahamut - God of metallic dragons and Dragonborns (Lawful Good)
Tiamat – God of Chromatic dragons and Kobolds (Chaotic Evil)



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